Stamp Price Calculator

This basic postage calculator is brought to you by the USPS. If you’re mailing something more complicated than a simple letter, you’ll need it to figure out how much postage to add on your package and this calculator can help you. If you’re just looking for the price of a stamp for letters and basic mail then our homepage is for you. Even if all you have are stamps, you can affix multiple traditional stamps to a box until they meet the price calculated below. (So, the price of a stamp is probably still of use to you!)

To use the calculator, you’ll need the “to” and “from” zip codes and the mailing date and time. After you enter that, select from the options until you’ve narrowed down the specifics of your package (whether it’s a letter, box or big envelope, plus the weight and dimensions). After that’ll you’ll get some Mail Service options like Express Mail, Priority, Media and others. Each service will have an expected delivery date depending on when you ship and a price.

If you’re mailing something internationally, skip to the “for International Mail” button at the bottom of the calculator.

Some results may include a “post office price” and an “online price” because the USPS offers discounts to folks who purchase postage online or through a partner like

Stamp Price Calculator

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