Get Postage Meter Quotes

Postage meters allow ordinary citizens and businesses to print proof of postage from home, right on to packages and letters. These meters are regulated by the federal government to ensure that users are charged for postage and their letters are printed with apt evidence of postage paid. By navigating through the calculator on this page, you’ll be walked through a series of questions to determine the right kind of postage meter for your needs. 

There are a wide range of confusing features and pricing structures for postage meters. Features can range from a simple meter to automatic feeders that move mail through the meter or close and seal envelopes — large companies with high volume have advanced systems that do it all! And pricing can be tricky and convoluted due to servicing needs and government regulations. Among the government regulations: you can’t own a postage meter outright; you can only lease or rent one. The simple calculator here provided by BuyerZone will walk you through all of the variables so that companies offering postage machines can quote you for the option that’s right for your situation.